Privacy Policy

The privacy policy described at the depicts all the measures we take to uphold your data and how they can contact us about the privacy practices we opt for.

What information do we collect?

  • We collect your contact information such as email, phone number, name, postal address
  • Your account information like  your log-in details like a password which you use to access services and products
  • Payment information like billing address, name, card details, security code, expiration date
  • Location data like your ZIP code, country, IP address
  • Social media details like content and other posted data on media page
  • Preferences information and demographics like gender, DOB, dietary preferences and different responses
  • Contact information of your friends which you provide with your consent
  • Additional personal data you submit on our Contact Us page.

How we use your information?

We use your personal information for below-mentioned processes

  • To process and clear your orders which you buy online via online channels
  • ascertain and supervise accounts
  • classify and substantiate you to order products and right to use our  Online Channels;
  • provide technical and customer support and counter to exploration;
  • correspond with regarding, notices, news updates,  exceptional promotional deals
  • to maintain and upgrade security and safety on our website so that any misuse of the information can be prevented
  • To administer, operate, manage, develop our business
  • To identify and avoid online frauds

What information do we share?

We never sell or share any of the personal data you provide us with except described in the privacy policy section. We may share your personal information with our service providers, affiliates who are consistently performing services on behalf of like data analytics and its fulfillment.  We do not offer our consent to them to disclose or share your information either, except it is necessary to complete any service.  We also disclose your information in case it is asked by the law/ federal for any legal process like subpoena/court orders, response to federal agencies, to exercise, defend our rights, and when it is believed that the disclosure is essential to prevent any financial loss or physical harm. We may also share your information in case of a legal investigation against any illegal activity, and lastly if it is your consent.

Rights and interests

The Health Wind offers its customers and readers with choices related to their data that we collect.  We use this information to update preferences, limit communication, to submit any request for which you can contact us. Any individual subscribed with us can anytime withdraw their subscription at our website. You also have the full right to access all the personal data you provide, and we maintain. You can also remove any of your prior interests at any time. To maintain privacy at our website, we take numerous steps to identify and verify before we grant permission to you. Obeying the applicable law, we might also apply nay change before the company delivers you with a copy of your data, which we maintain with us.

Transfer of data

In some cases, we need to transfer any of our customer’s data to other countries. When we carry on with this step, we make sure that the data we transfer is shared with complete privacy. We take extreme measures to protect your data. Different countries have different laws, and we make sure that we do not surpass the limits.

How we protect your information?

We take all the possible safeguard measures to shield your data against unlawful activities, accidental and unauthorized destruction, access, alteration, and use/disclosure. The online channels we provide are just meant for the general audience and not for children. We do not collect personal information from the people who are below 13. In case we accidentally collect the data of underage, we promptly remove it from our records.  We also take all the other safety measures to protect every single piece of information our customers provide us with. We use high security and anti-malware to keep our website running securely to prevent scams and frauds.  We also obey laws and federals rules.