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What Is Ketogenic Diet: Does It Really Work? Benefits, Risks and Review

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What Is Ketogenic Diet, Best Keto Foods & Benefits!

The ketogenic diet is in trend these days, and this is why you will see an abundance of keto products on the web. Keto supplements and the ketogenic diet are two different things. Keto supplements mimic the effects of the ketogenic diet in humans, and this is why it is a hot topic in the weight loss industry and men and women who want to cut down fat from their bodies. According to science ketogenic diet is the safest and successful pathway to weight loss. So, what is a keto diet? In simple words, a ketogenic diet is defined as a few carb diets with moderate proteins and a high intake of fat.

Ketogenic diet explanation

A ketogenic diet will lead your body towards a state called KETOSIS- a state where your body burns fat to produce energy and this is why experts recommend taking few carbohydrates which is a common source of energy. Keto means ketones which are small molecules of ketones or your body is itself capable of producing ketones. Ketones can also be defined as an alternative energy source which your blood feels the shortage of glucose.

On the other hand, when an individual is following a ketogenic diet, they are few on calories, and this is when your liver starts producing ketones through fat. Now, your ketones will produce energy from fat and will become the primary source of energy, especially your brain, is participating in this process. Your brain is a very hungry organ and to work correctly, it needs a considerable amount of energy, and when it feels the lack of it, the brain turns towards the fat automatically.  The brain can feed for energy on two things, and those are ketones or glucose.

What Is Ketogenic Diet

What happens when you are on a ketogenic diet?

When you are on a ketogenic diet, your body is going to act differently from your typical day because your body switches totally on the fuel supply being burned from fat and this is the time when your blood sugar level is quite low because your body is concentrating on burning fat. Now, for your body which is in the ketosis is state makes it easy to burn fat. This is primarily an excellent methodology for those who are desperate to lose weight.

There are some of the apparent benefits of being on a keto diet like you feel less hungry and you are on steady energy supply, and you are more focused and active at this point. When your body is producing ketones, your metabolism also gets speed up, and this supports your weight loss. The other way to reach ketosis is to remain hungry for days that are total fasting, but this is not possible. The other way is to follow a ketogenic diet by eating and still reaching ketosis with loads of benefits.

Ketogenic food

There are healthy ketogenic foods which you can include in your diet and feel full and content. This is the beauty of ketosis. Here are few ketogenic foods described underneath


Cheese is one amazing food that is not just full of nutrition but is delicious as well. In the market, you are going to find different types of cheese, and fortunately, they are also low in the carb content and very high in fat which makes it a perfect ketogenic food.  With 28 grams of cheddar cheese, you will get 7 grams of proteins, 1 gram of carbohydrates and 20% of it is calcium. It is full of saturated fat.


Shellfish and fish both are keto-friendly food; salmon is rich in vitamin B, selenium and potassium and is carb-free as well. Squid, octopus, clams, oyster, mussels, salmon, sardines etc. are great to be included in your ketogenic diet.


Eggs are versatile and full of healthy nutrients. One large egg is having one gram of carb, 6 gram of protein making it an ideal for the keto diet. According to studies, eggs can trigger hormones and makes you feel full keeping your insulin stable, and your calorie intake is also lower.

Olive oil

There are significant benefits of olive, especially for your heart because it has oleic acid, which is a monosaturated fat which can decrease the risk of heart disease.  If you add extra virgin olive oil in your diet, then it has amazing antioxidants which give complete protection to your heart. There are no carbohydrates in olive oil and can be used as salad dressing and in other foods. You can eat it raw.


Avocadoes are incredibly healthy fruits, and with one medium avocado, you will get 9 grams of carbs and is high minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for many people who lack these nutrients in their diet.  Avocadoes also help in improving cholesterol.

There are few other foods like low carb vegetables, meat & poultry, coconut oil, cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt, berries, nuts, cream, butter, dark chocolate and seeds etc. you can include this food in your ketogenic diet and support a natural and quick weight loss.

Ketogenic Diet chart

Who should not be following a keto diet?

A ketogenic diet can lower down your cholesterol and lower down your insulin level. So, if you are taking diabetes medication, then you must not follow a ketogenic diet.  If you have high blood pressure, then avoid it, and if you are pregnant and breastfeeding, then you must not follow a ketogenic diet. The only potential danger of ketogenic diet is if you are taking medications.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

There are many attractive benefits of following a keto-genic diet such as it is going to support your weight loss in different ways.

  • If you are facing acne, then the ketogenic diet is a boon for you as it balances bacteria in the gut.
  • It might also prevent specific cancer cells build-up
  • Might be useful in supporting your heart health
  • Can protect your brain functions
  • Can improve PCOS symptoms
  • Probably reduces seizures

Most people follow a ketogenic diet to get faster weight loss results, and this is why you will see many keto supplements everywhere. Still, natural ketogenic is more effective and helpful in many beautiful ways.

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